Monday, November 17, 2008

New show: Lazy man waiting for a pizza

I've often been sitting in front of the TV and can I sustain myself with the least effort possible? Calling to order food is great, as long as the phone is within reach. Going online to order isn't even an option, since I have to scale 12 stairs to get to the computer.

But now, thanks to Domino's and Tivo. I can order pizza directly through my remote. I can even track my pizza on the screen while I'm waiting for it to arrive. (Which can't be any more boring than watching Sunrise Earth )

Since Tivo likes to anticipate my needs with regard to tv shows, although I'm still not clear how watching Ninja Warrior would make me a fan of Shear Genius, I'm hoping it will eventually just order pizzas for me so I don't even have to put forth the effort to even think about it.

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