Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Why stupid people shouldn't breed

I don't usually like to call people out by name, but this case is different.

Jackee and Roger Sealy are complete idiots and should be sterilized.

When it comes to their three children, Roger and Jackee Sealy share naming responsibilities. She gets to pick the first name. He gets to pick the middle name.
"I came up with Brooke, Cooper, and Carter, and he came up with Trout, John Elway and Barack Obama,"
Jackee told KUSA in Denver.

Seriously? Usually in a relationship like this there's one person that's has moronic ideas like....I don't know....naming your child Brooke Trout or Carter John Elway, and another who serves as the more level-headed one.

Not the Sealy's apparently. They're both morons.

Isn't there enough novelty with screwing up one child? Why must you punish two other innocents purely for having you as parents.

I was hoping when I first read this story that it was Jackee from 227, which, in all honesty, would have made it okay. Don't ask me why.

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