Wednesday, November 12, 2008

World's ugliest dog goes to world's ugliest heaven

Sad news to report from the world of ugly animals.

Gus, a Chinese crested, voted recently as the world's ugliest dog, died the other day at the age of nine. Nine in ugly dog years actually works out to 167 in ugly human years.

"He took me to amazing places," owner Jeanenne Teed recounts. "Who would have thought, that one little dog with no hair ..."

Hopefully she wasn't talking about where she went to bury him. I have a reasonably attractive dog with hair, and the only place he ever took me was to a deer carcas in the woods. Gus now joins Agnes, the worlds ugliest ferret and Cecil the world's ugliest wildebeast in ugly animal heaven.
We'll miss you Gus, you little hairless bastard.

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