Thursday, December 11, 2008

How not to advertise your fake Id business

Great story out of Chattanooga - Police actually call this a "mobile lab" for making fake Ids. I never thought you could make a Ford Escort into a "lab" for anything, but kudos to this guy's entrepreneurial spirit.

According to Newschannel 9: At about 9 a.m., Monday Trooper Gary Myers saw a Ford Escort visibly advertising identification cards that could be made in ten minutes. The Escort's vehicle did not have a commercial license plate, known as an H-1 tag, required for vehicles used in a commercial enterprise.

When he stopped the vehicle, Trooper Myers saw a portable computer in the front seat and a card printer for producing plastic IDs in the rear seat. The driver gave consent to search and troopers say they recovered several fake Tennessee and Florida ID's.

I like the bumper stickers as well....are we supposed to ask him about Jesus because he's got a funny story about how he wanted a Tennessee driver's licence?

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