Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Lock and load for Christmas

Question: How do you combine the warm sentiments of Christmas with the unabashed recklessness of firearms?

Answer: The Christmas Cannon of course.

Lets face it, decorating takes way too much time and there's far too little gunplay. But now thanks to this handy pneumatic cannon, you can blast Christmas spirit wherever you need to in a split second. Just jam tinsel, confetti, snow or 3 pounds of ground reindeer meat into the barrel, pump it up using a basic air pump and BOOM! - Instant Christmas.

I'm sure this would work for other holidays . . .especially Grandparents day. Although you might get in a bit of trouble firing saplings at hippies during Arbor Day. Check out the video below to see how fun and easy shooting a guy in the face with tinsel can be.

H/T: Instructables.com

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