Tuesday, December 2, 2008

What's Mr. T been up to?

During my illness I was having hallucinations that Mr. T was trying to smother me, and it made me wonder what he's been doing of late.

In his TVLand reality show last year, called, creatively enough, I pity the Fool, he goes around the country to motivate people who have crappy jobs by doing their job and leading by example. I would encourage you to watch a few episodes if you get a chance. There's a great one where he sells used cars.

But he's also been doing commercials in the UK for Snickers. Check out this great one where he tells a speedwalker to "Get Some Nuts!" The commercial was actually banned, which once again shows the power that "Big Walking" wields.


  1. He does a voice on www.navtones.com too. Navtones is a place you can get real celebrity voices for GPS. They have the likes of Dennis Hopper, Gary Busey, Kim Cattrall, Bert Reynolds and of cause Mr. T.

    Check out these mash up videos of Mr. T in action:

    T and Bond;

    T as Obama, Busey as Mccain;

  2. Mr. T's the greatest. I'm a big fan of A-Team reruns on hulu.com. I shared them with my son, who realizes the show's greatness.