Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Yes Virginia, Santa's drunk in San Francisco again

I will read any story with the headline, San Francisco Overrun With Drunken, Smoking, Half-Naked Santas Again.

So you can imagine how happy I was when I saw a report from SF Weekly, about a yearly tradition called Santacon, where hundreds of people dressed like jolly old Saint Nick pretty much run amok in San Francisco.

They were chanting "Ho, ho, ho! Ho, ho, ho!" and by they, I mean about 200 people dressed in some version, and in many cases a perverse version, of Santa Claus. They were also playing dodge ball, climbing trees, pounding beers, and generally inciting chaos.

I shouldn't single out San Francisco. A quick search of the news showed that Santacons are taking place all over the country, including New York. Check out this video of Santacon in the city this year....nothing says Christmas like drunken Santas and Michael Jackson.

So if you're a parent, be warned about taking your child to sit on Santa's lap now that you know what that lap has been up to.

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