Monday, November 24, 2008

Crazy in love...with Ferrets

So I watched a documentary on PBS a few weeks ago about the ultra-competitive world of Ferret shows, which, ironically, is called The Pursuit of Excellence. It was a lot like the movie Best in Show, but with Ferrets and real people, which made it substantially less funny. For those of you unfamiliar with Ferrets, they were brought to America by Vasco De Gama to provide an alternative source of vermin for those who were allergic to rats and plague.

Needless to say, the most disturbing thing about the movie was the fact that everyone seemed obligated to wear shirts that said "Got Ferrets?" I feel like, if you are at the Ferret show, more than likely you've got ferrets.

I knew that PBS didn't even think to highly of the movie, because they didn't break once to hit the viewers up for money. It was like they were apologizing for making me feel so dirty. The best part is that the ferrets all have names like "Obsidian Tears" and "Mr. Marshmallow Man," and one woman got a bit to close to one of the ferrets and it took a huge gash out of her nose.

I'm not sure what looks worse, wearing a shirt that says Got Ferrets? or wearing the same shirt, covered in your own blood while screaming "WHY MR. MARSHMALLOW MAN, WHY?!?"

So maybe at this point the movie still sounds appealing. You're thinking you'll throw back a couple Ferretinis (Stoli, sugar and mouse vomit), sit back and have a good laugh. Well then I would encourage you to just watch this kind of sums up the whole movie in 40 seconds. This is the edited version. In the movie the song goes on for 41 minutes.

Check out a great warning label for Ferrets here.

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